Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some women aren't meant to be moms...or my Facebook friends!

Just deleted someone off Facebook friends.
Feels good too.
It was someone I was never friends with in HS however b/c our HS was small (85 in a graduating class) you knew everyone in other grades.
Anyway I just read one of her blog posts about how she hates kids. No, really--HATES them. Beyond doesn't want them herself (which is fine, everyone has a choice...of course I can't imagine because I know what great boys I would be missing out on...) and besides some people wouldn't make good parents anyway.

To post such *hatred*...I just said to myself, I don't need to read about her anymore. And I wouldn't want to be one of *those* people she complained about, bragging about my child's accomplishments on Facebook or posting (*gasp*) pictures of my kids on Facebook.

I think I will say a little prayer tonight that this girl never gets pregnant. Because I would really feel sorry for that kid.

So if you want to read about this person's bitchy blog post, I will email it to you. I just didn't want some of my HS friends to think I was 'mean' and posting this girl's public blog after I bashed it.

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Jenna Davis said...

ok, I want to read the blog post! Send it along! It's people like this that end up knocked up and I'm not and then I get bitter!!! Of course, I'm one of those mom's when it comes to Jade the pug, but still...