Monday, October 26, 2009

patrick the hungry devil

today when i found patrick with about 20 or more fruit snacks in front of himself. apparently he found packages while i took aj to bus , opened and was having a feast. then later, he went in cupboard, got out a NEW container of pb, opened it and took a play screwdriver to pop into the top. when i saw him, he ran with it into the playroom.

the other day i heard a rustling in the kitchen and found him behind the island with a bag of tortillas and pb and he was spreading pb on the tortillas.

korey found paf last night in the closet...korey heard rustling of candy paper...yup he was eating candy in his closet that he somehow got upstairs. he told me after 'that was some good candy'.....


Sarah said...

So funny, Lorraine!! You have got your hands full with him :) Amelia is the same way... she helps herself to whatever it is she wants.

Susan Beebe said...

Too funny! He's just adorable!