Sunday, August 9, 2009

Completely irrelevant post

I am not a fan of costume jewelry; rather have 'real' stuff and less of it however....I had been invited to about 7 Lia Sophia parties. I went to 2 and at the 2nd, finally found ONE thing I wanted before the party. It was the above necklace. OF COURSE the party I go to is using the 'new catalog' so I can't get the above necklace! AHHH!!! Well I take that back, I COULD get it for *free* if I had a party...a quick 'no thanks' to that since I would be the 6th person on my street to have a LS party! ha! So I found the below necklace and bought that instead.

I was happy enough with my purchase but wondered...could i find the first necklace on ebay?

Oh Yes I Could! For 1/2 price (normally $58)! Great deal but I can't seem to win an auction.

Oh well, I gave up till I heard from a LS consultant that, as a special favor to a friend (mind you, she and I aren't friends, I only know her from her scrapbooking mom), she could get it for me from another consultant (since she didn't have it) for $15.

Now you can't be that with a stick ;)

SO...I got 2 necklaces for $50. Not too shabby.

Now I will have 2 necklaces that are the 'same as everyone else'....haha

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