Monday, July 13, 2009

Random thoughts....

I want a pink Dell laptop! Have you seen them? So cute!

The boys had their first soccer tonight...I moved AJ so he is in the 5/6 year old class instead of the 3/4 year old class. It was entertaining to see the kids play, especially the younger ones...and also equally entertaining to see the 'helicopter parents.' You can google that if you don't know what it means!

Sean is smiling a ton lately...he is so dang cute! We are contemplating trimming his hair; it is 2+ inches long in the back. He has already been mistaken for a girl even when he was wearing blue!

It's Sean's baptism this weekend....also LeeAnn's party for her wedding. Hope both events are fun ;)

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Meg said...

You want a pink Dell?? You don't want one of the red or blue ones?

Please post a picture of Sean if you do cut his hair. He sure is an adorable baby...but I'm not sure how anyone can mistake him for a girl! He doesn't look like one to me!