Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our last day of 'vacation'

Andrew kept saying our trip up north was 'vacation'...so cute.
Somehow I picture a vacation as a week long trip to a warm beach with a cabana boy getting me drinks...
I digress!

We have been having a lot of fun at Storyland and Santa's Village. We are heading up to SV again today and then will drive home from there. I like SV a bit more but I loved the little story places for the characters at SL.

The rides: We all got wet on the Panda log flume ride at SL. AJ told that ride: I am never going on you again, Panda! You cant get me wet again. SO funny. I knew AJ would love the rollercoaster rides but wasnt sure if Patrick would; this was his first time on them b/c at Disney he was too little...both boys loved them. After they went on with me, they kept asking for Daddy to go with them until he went.

Elf-abet was a big hit at SV with Andrew. He LOVED finding each elf so he could stamp his alphabet card. Today we are 'going to get those pesky last 4 letters....' He was asking me if I knew where they were so they wouldnt hide on us today. I know there are roller coasters and log flumes we didnt go on there when we were there on Sunday so that will be a lot of fun.

Patrick hugged Cinderella. He is always a bit more outgoing than his big brother...funny that is the way my brothers were too.

We are staying at the Red Jacket Inn. The kids loved the BIG waterpark that is here; that is why we stayed here. However the full size beds leave a LOT to be desired. Maybe I am a princess and there are always peas in hotel beds for me! I don't know...or perhaps we need to stay at places that cost more although this one costs enough! HAHA! But I am looking forward to my nice king bed tonight. Korey has been sleeping with both boys for the past two nights although AJ snuck into bed with me a bit ago. Snoring away....

I have never been to either Santa's Village or Storyland. I wish my parents had taken us when we were little but when we moved to Sanbornton (putting us an hour closer), I was already 12. I am glad we didnt go then because I kind of feel bad for those kids who are there...it is clearly geared towards kids under 7 or so. I would like to come again when Sean can enjoy...hopefully AJ wont mind. ha!

Tons of pics this week.....

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