Thursday, July 23, 2009

An exciting day...

It's an exciting day...well for ME anyway!
I got my clothes from Kohl's today and I way over-ordered as usual. I bought 12's and 10's because I wasn't sure what was going to fit but I desperately needed some clothes that would fit NOW (and my 'former clothes' are two little numbers which are not the previously mentioned numbers!). is a *glorious* day when the 10's fit! I have a shirt, skimmers and shorts. Cute me is back.
(Okay, one 10 didn't fit but instead of trying on the 12, I am just returning them anyway. I didnt like that style anyway! Perhaps Kohl's has 'feel good sizing' but I don't mind that either!) another month, maybe I can squeeze into some of those 8's :)

Doing the happy dance!


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Congratulations!!! That's great news!!