Friday, May 1, 2009

New Poll From Korey

It's a poll with pictures! Please look at the below pictures and then vote in the poll to the left. I *think* it might be slightly scewed though based on the pics! ha!
From Korey:
Remember Tom Cruise and the smokin' hot Kelly McGillis from Top Gun? Well, take a look at Kelly today versus the ageless Tom Cruise.


Lorraine said...

I am feeling bad for Kelly now! haha! Tom Cruise I bet does a little dying of his hair ;)

Susan Beebe said...

That's a TERRIBLE picture of her!! Not a fair comparison at all. old is she compared to Tom Cruise? I just couldn't vote for "men" on this poll. Tom was complained about my vote though...and will probably vote for "men" on his computer! hahaha

LeeAnn said...

That is a terrible picture. Poor Kelly she is not a lesbian, she got raped in her apartment, and who woulda thunk that her and Jodie talked a little more to each other in the movie The Accused. they have alot in common... Hats off to Kelly. Give her a break man.. I bet you didnt know she was lesbian.. is she hot now?

Mathijs Doomen said...

Yes she is full of brains can you tell of Tom has that also
this woman is top