Sunday, May 17, 2009

A fun weekend until...

It was a fun weekend UNTIL I went to pick up my cousin LeeAnn from the airport.
Let me explain!

Saturday I went to the scrapbook convention in Manchester with 2 great friends. Yes, if you don't scrapbook, it probably sounds pretty lame BUT it's super fun! I went to my favorite booth, Embellish It and got super cute kits and paper. Then we went to 900 Degrees (pizza place) for lunch. It was soooo good.

I met Korey later that day and we toured the 'Big 3' furniture stores in Nashua...and we ended up buying a bed from Jordan's--the lucky winners! ha! We found a head/foot board that matches our set very well and may end up buying that as well.

Then Sunday, Korey and I cleaned up a bit before I left (a bit late) to go pick up LeeAnn from the airport. She called to say she landed while I was still in Candia...oops! I was still at least 20 minutes away...when I said to her, I think I just got a FLAT TIRE! I pulled over and yes, yes I did!

Korey came to rescue me BUT didn't have the right tools so after I took off in Korey's truck to pick up LeeAnn, she and I stopped at Walmart with a crying baby to buy tools. FUN. When we found Korey on Rte 101, he ran across 4 lanes of traffic to get the tools. He had a fun time playing 'Frogger'...luckily for him, he didn't get smooshed!

Finally, we got home and the kids love watching the new video from Auntie LeeAnn! Now she is trying to get Patrick to root for the 'blue' team instead of the Celtics!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, this was absolutely hilarious. I still remember when you used to drive to pick me up from Boston, you had the mouth of a sailor ! lol.

The frogger thing kills me...


LeeAnn said...

She still has the mouth of a sailor!!