Sunday, April 12, 2009

We made it to church...

Yes, I know it's embarassing when Korey and I can brag that we actually took the kids to church....but Patrick has been quite a handful in the past so it has scared us off!

Today was good; luckily we sat next to a nice lady who has 5 great grandkids so she wasn't judgemental when PAF wasn't perfect!!
And AJ was so cute...after he went up for a blessing from the priest, he was sitting on the pew edge and as the people went up for communion, he was pretending to hand them a communion.
In the beginning of the mass, as the alter boy/girls passed by, he said 'look at the angels.'
For the most part, he loved just sitting in the pew flipping thru the music book.
It was really sweet.

Phew, I think we can go back sooner rather than later this time! ;0)

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