Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Pushing" for April

I was just thinking that April would make a nice baby arrival for the following reasons:

1. April is a diamond birthstone; goes better with the light blue and light green in my baby name bracelet!

2. Andrew has a week off from school next week!

3. My sister is coming to visit next weekend

4. My two other kids were born on the 29th, would be cute to have another born on april 29

5. Korey could take more time off in April since May is the last month of the fiscal year

6. We have no other fun events in April; in May, we already have Korey's bday and mom's day.

7. I am sick of gaining weight!!!! NO MORE!!! KNOW this baby is totally going to come in May, now, right?!?! What's your guess--April or May?


Keena said...

I think it would be fun to have the baby on Korey's 40th BUT I LOVE having an April baby and you're right about the bracelet and it might be even more fun to have all your babies on the 29th of the month!!!! Also, if you are anything like I was both times around, the SOONER the BETTER;)

LeeAnn said...

Um... I think an April 29 Bday would be fun.... On the 28th give Korey some Roast and maybe that will make you go into labor and then hold off til 12:01 April 29th. What do you think? Hey getting the "roast" is what I hear can put a woman in labor! Worth a shot.. ( no pun intended )

Angie said...

Is it cheating if I guess April today? Especially since you are already in L&D now?