Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Dr Appt and Other Thoughts

Korey and I took Sean Daniel to his first dr appt yesterday. It went well. He is 5 lbs, 14 oz. now so he gained back his lost hospital weight plus 2 oz.
He is around 4th percentile for weight. Isn't that funny?!?!

Someone with 4 girls told me that while she wanted a boy, she actually realized that she was given an unique opportunity with her enjoy all the girly stuff she didn't like when she was growing up. I have thought a lot about this. While everyone knows that I would have loved to have experienced having a daughter, I am a girly girl. I never played sports, I don't like getting dirty, I don't like going outside, I never played cars or any 'boy' stuff growing up (although I do remember having a Tonka truck that I asked for when I ws 4yo). Having my 2 boys has already allowed me to go to soccer and tball games and play cars/trucks and pirates. It has been great and it will be even more fun with another boy.

I *could* 'try again'.....but seriously, 4 boys? I don't know if I can handle that plus Korey is 40 this Saturday but my *real* deterrant right now is....I don't want to be a filleted fish with my stomach hanging out again. HAHA!!!!


LeeAnn said...

UGH.. 40 is the new 30. Poor Kenny... We are going to be old in age and young at heart having babies. We are starting JUNE 1st.. although I dont think he knows that!! hahahahahahahaha Having boys rock!! I would love to have all boys.. I hope I dont have any girls... I do not want to go through what my poor mother went through with me.. Ken says that if we have a girl, we are going to make her fat and ugly. Im going to give her terrible haircuts so that boys wont like her. SHE WILL BE OURS TO CONTROL FOREVER MUAHHHHH MUAHHHHHH!

Antoinette said...

Lo-Lo, congrats on your new baby boy. I think you should go for #4 to get that shopping buddy! Ha! Ha! Easy for me to say. I did have a workmate once who had 6 boys. I was always afraid to ask her if she had been trying for a girl all that time! As the mother of one of each, I will tell you that boys are so much cheaper! Nicole has probably cost me 5x what Steve has. Boys also don't put you through years of drama (ages 13-18 approximately). So, congrats on all boys! You won't turn gray as early! And they are all three precious, as I'm sure you know :-)