Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Korey and the boys brought me home a tasty Edible Arrangement for my bday :) and gift certificate for MAC.

We are going to go to Rudi's the 2 of us soon....I was sick all weekend long (from Fri till Mon)! I will have a bday 'redo'!



Keena said...

Looks yummy:) Sorry you were sick on your bday...no fun. Hope you get to Rudi's soon!

Susan Beebe said...

I meant to tell you...I was going to send you an Edible Arrangement, but they don't deliver to your area. I couldn't very well pick it up myself...so that's why I had to change my plan. :-) Glad you got one from Korey and the boys! Looks great!