Monday, March 30, 2009

Evolution of GROUCH!

I am a mean mommy. When Andrew wouldn't put his shirt on to head out to Mia's bday party the other day, I stopped getting mad and yelling at him to put it on.
I just started taking pictures!
He finally put the shirt on and was asking to see the grouchy pictures!


LeeAnn said...

I love the grouchy pictures.. he looks so much like your grouchy pictures!! Ill see if I can find them and put them on a CD. Load them up to the blogger and Vola... pictures of Lorraine pouting and grouchy!

Sarah said...

I love the grouchy pictures, too. I've done that - taken pictures in the middle of a tantrum!!

LeeAnn said...

Whats wrong with Aj's hand? It looks like a rash.. was it the devil int he tantrum getting through.. Look at his hand.. its all red??