Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Irritation of the Day

What I requested at the drive-up Dunkin Donuts counter:
LEPF: Hi, I would like a croissant and ice caramel latte with whipped cream and skim milk.
DD: Sugar?
LEPF: No thanks.
DD: So iced latte with whipped cream and skim milk?
LEPF: Yes. Caramel ice latte.
DD: Pull up.

What I received:
caramel iced latte with NO whipped cream.
I ask politely for them to put whipped cream on it. It was an inconvenience for her.
I ask for extra napkins and straw...apparently I was going to guzzle it down while driving with no straw.
I leave the parking lot and open my bag to find a sliced toasted croissant. Is that what I ordered? Nope,just wanted a plain old croissant hence me asking for a 'croissant'.
I pull back to the drive through and get my non-toasted croissant. Another inconvenience. They probably rubbed the croissant on floor.

Finally on my way and realize I really don't think they put much, if any caramel in drink either.

DD on Rte 125 at Sunoco stinks. Prego lady just wants DD employees to listen and give her what she orders.


Sarah said...

Ugh - drive throughs are terrible. They should put a little touch-screen up so you can enter your order yourself and not have to actually convey information verbally to anyone. Not that they'd be able to get that right either, though.

I am just happy to be living in the land of many Dunkin Donuts again! There is one right outside the metro station by our place and the only thing that keeps me from stopping there every time I get on the train is that you can't have food on the train!

Sarah said...

Yes, some of the drive throughs are terrible!! I figured out which ones to avoid awhile ago, LOL. Which one on 125 is it? Next to McD's or the other one?

Anonymous said...

I work at Dunkin Donuts and I am offended.

Lorraine said...

haha, who knew that one of the rich sisters worked at DD.

LeeAnn said...

Are you sure that you really need Dunkin Doughnuts? Life as a Ferland is hard.... You Punk.... I never said life in NC was so hard.. Geeeee ill get your ass here for a summer and see how long you last! HAHAHAHA all of our Dunkin Donuts here are all run by Indian people... I mean NOT Native Indian True Indian. The smell of Curry and Doughnuts mixed is not for me.. Not that there is anything wrong with that.. Dont be offended Anonymus... Since you cant type who you are and you must not have the kahoonies to say who you are she doesnt care if you the Anonymos writer is offended. If she knew who you were then she would probably tell you you are a loser for working at DD anyway.. So dont worry about it.. its all good here in the NC hood!

Meg said...

Did she repeat your order to you? If she did, then there was no call for the rudeness and incorrect order!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the horror.........the horror!