Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pants Free Zone

Don't come to my house unannounced because apparently all the 'boys' in my house think it's a pants-free zone! They are a bunch of weirdos. I don't go around in MY underwear and neither should they!

We had a playdate with Team Lyle today and we hope they will visit us again because Andrew decided in the middle of the playdate that he was tired....he went upstairs, tucked himself in and snored away!


Barbarito Family said...

That is too funny! You gotta love Andrew for being and doing what he wants!

Oh and I went through that stage with the no drove me crazy! Good luck...:-)))

Mary said...

Too funny. My kids all have gone through naked phases.
Is Korey included in all the boys?

Lorraine said...

oh it is both the kids that say 'no pants'....
and yes the boys include their daddy as one of the boys....they say i have 3 boys already so he's included in this post...i told him I was going to write about it if he thought it was a pants free zone too!

Jro said...

Wouldn't you love to just up and walk out of an event and go to bed - like the next time you have family over - just up and leave tucking yourself in for a nap.
I guess Lorraine you have a good reason to be tired carrying that baby.
It would be so nice to just take off . . . Except see what the place looks like when you wake up . . . yikes!

Cassie said...

No pants policy here too!