Saturday, December 20, 2008

fun pics

the boys like Abby's new crate more than she does....although they haven't given her a chance to use it! it's bigger than the other one so both boys can fit in now. haha
My computer came the other day although it's not all set up yet but the box was entertainment!


Barbarito Family said...

don't you just love how the simple things entertain the kids for hours. Boxes they love them. Every time we get a big box the boys go crazy! Oh and nice little doggies, it's great how they love their new crate..:-))

Erin said...

funny, i have a pic of the boys in piper's crate from awhile ago. i was going to post but then got a flash of DSS showing up and charging me with abuse :) they honestly loved playing with that crate. ha ha

Cassie said...

i think i need one of those crates. babies r us should start selling them.