Thursday, November 13, 2008

What weekend is it?


LeeAnn said...

And why do you allow your children to jump on your table?!!! Cute video!!!!

Lorraine said...

seriously i dont even notice. its a wooden coffee table, very sturdy and if there are damages done to it, i can sand it and repaint it. they could be doing a lot worse than standing and dancing (and looking soooo dang cute) on that coffee table. haha

H said...

That is tooo funny! Hey, my kids routinely stand on the kitchen table...I'd much rather have them on the coffee table (but, alas, that's been relegated to the basement for the time being).

Super cute boys, Lorraine!

Enjoy your scrapbook weekend :)

Stacey said...

"BOYS WEEKEND" ha! How funny! Hey, my cats lay on the kitchen counter, so I think kids on a table is no big whoop.