Thursday, October 2, 2008

Poo Punch

The 'anonymous' poster who said my "Famous Mac and Cheese" recipe looked like 'poo' can serve this Poo Punch with the Mac and Cheese.
Enjoy. Hope you get a nasty hangover :)


6 cans "5-Alive" fruit drink
6 cans water
6 cans white rum
Cherry juice (optional)
Mix and freeze the above ingredients. Serve as a slush.



I made that delicious Mac and cheese for my family tonight and they loved it! That recipe is a keeper. Pretty easy too. I may try your dip next... Keep em coming (does that drink taste like poo?)

Do you think that Edies new husband could be the father/husband of the woman and child that Susan and Mike killed in the car accident? Maybe he wants revenge? just a thought.....

Lorraine said...

oh thank you for telling me. it is really simple and totally reminds me of home and growing up.

my friends add chicken or ham to it. you can also 'jessica seinfeld' it a bit too by adding 1/2 cup or less of cauliflower puree.

i dont know what that drinks tastes like. haha

and YES my friend sarah (photo blog) said the same guys are good at figuring things out!

Sarah said...

Yes, I think that Edie's new husband is also the husband of the woman/child killed by Susan and Mike. It just makes total sense to me, LOL.

I need to try your mac and cheese!! I think I will pass on the poo punch, though.

Cassie said...

Love anonymous. Keeps things interesting.