Thursday, October 30, 2008


In case you didn't guess by my poll, poor Patrick's ears hurt so bad on the plane that he was screaming and crying. We were 'those people' with the screaming child. But I learned that parents are sympathetic; one lady offered us an earplug idea for PAF next time he flies while non-parents and business flyers just looked at us unhappily and looked away from us. I remember the days when I was a non-parent and business flyer....I am happier to be a parent, even with a screaming child!

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Meg said...

I hope Patrick's feeling a little better? I'm with you--It's better to be a parent, even if people look at you funny.

Lorraine said...

patrick has always been fine...i mean we didnt even know he had an ear infection. i took him in for a cold.
the only times he has been fussy have been when we were on the plane ;)
but he has more untasty meds now

LeeAnn said...

Aww I voted on all your polls...
I think McCain is gonna win. Call me crazy.I know I know.. Everyone thought that the Patriots were going to win the superbowl.. We all know what happened in that case dont we?!!