Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our awesome house!

Andrew LOVES Minnie Mouse so he knew this was HIS bed right off!

AJ really liked using swimmies instead of his life jacket

PAF got the Mickey bed!
LOVE this pic of AJ on the Mickey phone!

The chair in Nana and Gramp's room

The boys on Nana and Gramp's bed!

After staying on property without kids and off Disney property with kids, I would totally stay off property again in a big house when we took the kids again. LOVED it. Loved our own pool, cooking meals at home, having several bedrooms and TV's and washer/dryer.


LeeAnn said...

What int he world is Aj doing riding that aliigator?? Was he scared??? Great Pictures btw... It looks like ya'll had a good time.. I liked the one of you in the shark head. It turned out good.. I wish though that the family pictures were a bit closer.. You thinking of using that as your Christmas card?

Lorraine said...

i have so many more pics to come :) i am making them post in the next couple of days.
and yes probably for xmas card :) there are some better ones of all of us that i havent posted yet.

The Wheeler Family said...

I know!!! We will never stay on Disney property again with the kids- loved having that "break" from all of the commotion, and all of the space to relax in. I'm so glad that you guys loved it!!