Sunday, October 12, 2008


My boys in their Halloween costumes!!!!!
They loved that they had tails!
I also have to say how proud we are of Patrick....tonight he asked for the medicine dropper and to 'do it himself'....we let him and he took all his medicine. What a GREAT BIG boy! I never would have thought that would have worked!


LeeAnn said...

awww how cute.

Meg said...

They are just too cute!!!

Jeannie said...

Very cute! And they look nice and warm!

Barbarito Family said...

Love the costumes! They look so cute!

Jackie said...

Very cute! My kids just picked out their costumes today and I posted some pics on the blog. Check it out to see what you are in for in a few years!

Mary said...

Very cute and I agree, warm for trick or treating!