Monday, October 13, 2008

food help please

hey all
how do you cook spinach? i bought some and didnt like the way it turned out tonight...i just sauteed it w garlic, salt and pepper and oil but it was bitter tasting.

any advice?


Jeannie said...

I always set up my big saute pan with olive oil heating. Then I rinse the spinach with a strainer. I throw the spinach in the saute pan still dripping (because you need some water) and put a lid on the pan. I leave it for about 6 minutes and then take off the lid and salt and pepper. Sometimes I've already done the garlic step at the beginning with the olive oil but usually I don't use it. Sounds very similar to what you do. Maybe it was just a weird batch.

Mary said...

I've only cooked it w/ boiled dinner and added butter.

The Wheeler Family said...

Do exactly what you did, but sprinkle shredded cheese in with it. I use a sharper cheese, like cheddar or swiss.

Sarah said...

Beach (the better non-recipe cook in our family) always says with spinach (or any greens) you should also add something sweet like honey or even just sugar.

BTW - I finally copied the apple bread recipe. Thanks!

And also check out our blog:

LeeAnn said...

I steam mine. I also put artichokes in it and mushrooms. Yummy!

Or I dont cook it at all and eat it on a salad.

The O'Hanlon's said...

I don't know how fancy you want to get with spinach, but the recipe below for spinach pie is excellent. I replace the cottage cheese with ricotta.