Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Cashmere Mafia is cancelled! Dang! Luckily that Lipstick Jungle with Brooke Sheilds is coming back.

I love that Dan won BB10 but I think that Jerry should have won the $25K people's choice instead of Keesha. What do you all think?

Dylan is Kelly's daddy...I remember saying that I thought he was ... now I hope he or Brandon will come on the show! Although the girls from the show look 150% better than the guys! haha!

And it looks like Swingtown might not come back either!

But I am excited about Dancing with Stars, How I Met Your Mother!!!

What shows are you excited to watch this fall or are unhappy that they aren't coming back?


Mary said...

I love love love 90210! I can't believe how well they have tied the old show in with the new one without making it cheesy.
I also can not wait for Medium to start. I think it won't be for awhile though. Survivor and Amazing Race soon too! Woohoo!

Susan Beebe said...

We love the Big Bang Theory...and we hope that Rules of Engagement comes back. Did you see the season premier of House the other night? We love that show too! We're anxious to see the news shows for NCIS and Criminal Minds as well.

We're glad that Dan won BB10...and it was worth seeing Keesha win the 25K just to see April's face! hahaha