Friday, September 19, 2008

Questions you know you want the answers to....

1. When is your due date?

May 1....the baby will be Korey's 40th bday present since his bday is May 2!

(I am around 8 weeks pregnant now)

2. How are you feeling?

I have previously bragged several times that I never get sick while pregnant and I have great pregnancies.

To answer the question, let's just say that my pregnant 'friends' who DO get sick have conspired against me and wished their misery on me! Thanks, gals! I appreciate it.

3. Is this your last?

Reread #1 and #2...Korey is OLD and I am SICK.

Of COURSE this is the last one you fool!

(Really it's only because I am sick of course! As I tell Korey on a regular basis, it's not MY fault he waited 5 years to propose and he married someone 6 years younger)

4. Aren't you going to Disney soon?

Yes, we are. In a month. I hope my 'friends' who are voodooing me with sickness stop by then! I promise to feel bad for you now or at the very least not immediately jump in and say how great I felt when I was pregnant!

5. Do Andrew and Patrick know?

Yes they do. Andrew really believes he is having a sister. He also tells everyone he comes in contact with that his 'mommy is feeling yucky because there is a baby in her belly.' Yes, he has already told a few people that I was waiting to tell! Thanks, AJ! But he did a great job telling his grandparents and aunts.

6. Have you broken out your maternity clothes yet?

I will have to soon. Thanks for reminding me that I am turning into a fatass. I just folded up the 'nice small size' I never got back into after having Patrick. After Baby3, I will be the spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Mark my words. I won't have to shop for new clothes because I bought a bunch in the Fall of 2004 that are still like brand new!

7. Will you find out if the baby is a girl or a boy?

No. I want to be surprised for my last one although Korey would probably want to find out.

8. Do you want a girl or a boy?

Hmm, I want to stop feeling sick. That's all for now!

Did I miss any questions?!?!?!?!


Soulie & Samson said...

Thank you for updating. I've been curious about all of these things. :)


The Wheeler Family said...

I'll stop my morning sickness voo-doo games. :) Hopefully you'll feel better soon (or at least before Disney- puking on a airplane or at an amusement park is no fun at all. I know from personal experience)!

Keena said...

Ditto Laura...we'll stop conspiring against you:) Keeping my fingers crossed you feel better by Disney (hopefully sooner).

Here's a new poll for your blog-who thinks Lorraine should find out what the baby is??

Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon :) Congratulations, again!! And I think you should find out :)

Jeannie said...

Congrats! I was in the same boat as you. I used to laugh and laugh at people I knew with morning sickness and say, "I never had it!" Well karma got me back with this pregnancy. Luckily, I am at a stage where I don't feel sick and I'm not so tired. Hope it stays this way. Feel better soon!

Oh, and how can you wait to find out the sex? Ahhhhh!

Cassie said...

I forgot about Disney. You'll still have tons of fun; just no rollercoaster rides.

Katie said...

i was soooo sick with reese but not with rex
maybe u are having a girl?????

SOOOO exciting.

i have a question. what d u like for names? i know it's early but what the hey. i sense another poll! ha ha j/k

Mary said...

I was also more sick when pregnant with girls. Morning sickness is terrible, I feel for you:(