Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pet Peeves

I have been compiling this post in my head....

Here are my top Pet Peeves because I know you all are dying to know.

So in no particular order:

1. People asking "Is this the last one or are you going to keep going?" when I say I am pregnant.

People asking me "When are you going back to work?" as if staying home with the boys isn't the MOST IMPORTANT job and I am watching soaps all day.

2. Vanity license plates. I don't care if you "LV2FSH" and frankly I don't think 99% of the people that pass you do either! I do however really believe we could solve the NH education problem by raising the cost of these plates to $500 since people apparently love them so much and are dying for me to know they are excited about the Sox winning in 04 (HAHA)

3. Going to the drs. for sniffles and coughs when you know they aren't EVER going to give you medicine!

4. Late people.

5. People that cancel at the last minute.

6. Folks not writing thank you notes EVER. If you know me, you know I have them ready to be mailed within a week, usually within 2 days.

7. People who go the speed limit or below in the fast lane. Pull over so I can pass you.

8. People who say they are 'going to move to Canada/etc.' if a certain person is elected. Yeah, sure you are.

9. Texting. I hate reading them, I hate paying for them, and I especially hate typing them. Just call me.

10. My name misspelled. It irritates me. But I will make it easy for everyone to remember: in my name, it spells RAIN! See: Lorraine :)
Actually any misspelled words and incorrect uses of punctuation bug me, especially apostrophes in plural words!!!!

Okay there are 10 Pet Peeves. Let me know which are yours and if you have any others...probably they bug me too!


Mary said...

People always ask me if we are having more kids,too. Someone once asked me if our 5th was a mistake! If I wasn't at work I would have loved to rip her a new one!
My biggest pet peeve is unsolicited parenting advice. Especially from people who don't have kids!

Lorraine said...

YES mary!!!! good one abt parenting advice from non-parents.

i hope you made a 'mistake' on her hair if you were doing her hair and she asked you that ;)

Lorraine said...

ps I have a good one when people ask me if we will stop having kids now.
i say: why stop now when i have found something i am good at ;)

Mary said...

people ask me that almost every day, shock them and say you want a dozen!

Keena said...

I agree with you 110% on the vanity plates...sorry you know who!!:)

Also the going back to work and add to it people that think I have truckloads of free time because I don't work and Exeter Hospital who insists on saying I'm "unemployed" if I'm collecting from the government and not bothering to look around for work!

I hated when I was pregnant and would tell people it's boy (again) and they would say "oh you must be disappointed" or "oh too bad"...and now Luke is here, I get "when are you going for that girl"?? Hello people, not everyone wants one of both. We WANTED another boy!!

My last big one is people who write checks at the store, especially those who refuse to let the register fill them out and don't bother to fill any part of the check out before everything is rung in...why is this? Do we need to know the total in order to know the date, store and our names??? Get a debit card!!!

Sarah said...

I hated it when I was pregnant with Amelia - people always commented on the girl after boys thing. Oh, so you can stop after this one (because she is a girl), or you must be so relieved it's a girl! And before I knew... are you trying for a girl? or oh, I am hoping for a girl for you.

And when pregnant - people who think its okay to touch the belly. HELLO, personal space!! With tiny newborns - random strangers who think it's okay to touch your baby.

Lorraine said...

oh sarah, you are right! i hope i wasnt one of those people that asked you...but i am really happy that you DID get to have a girl.
but if i have 3 boys, it's okay too b/c my boys now are so great and i love them so much!

Lorraine said...

i think exeter just asked me the other day: are you employed or unemployed? i just said i stay home with the boys; the woman said you are so lucky.
and then i guess she put ...

The Wheeler Family said...

Hmmm...I think my biggest pet peeve is people that tell me that I'm "blessed" to have one of each, a son and a daughter. I always tell them that I am blessed to have children, regardless of the gender. Another pet peeve? The incredible amount of people who repeatedly ask me if we are having more kids since our loss in June.

The O'Hanlon's said...

Good post Lorraine (did I spell it correctly?) biggest pet peeve was when the girls were babies and complete strangers thought it woud be okay to just reach into their carriage and touch them on their heads and faces...especially during cold and flu season!!!

LeeAnn said...

Im not even going to coment on thsi one..

Lorraine said...

oh LA, you are so clever ;)

and I dont think anyone ever touched my belly...perhaps a couple of people but I think most of my friends know that I am not into giving 500 hugs so they just wouldn't rub the belly. haha! i would have a real issue w strangers. freaky

and maybe i always looked like I was in a rush b/c no one stops me to touch the kids in stores either. haha! I wheel that cart around fast fast fast! but that would bug me too.

Soulie & Samson said...

One of my pet peeves is people who are late, and then don't even apologize for it. That's like saying that my time isn't as valuable as theirs.

I also hate when people pressure me about when I'm going to get married and have kids. ;) Some things are not entirely in my control, and I'm fully aware that I'm getting older !! lol. You can fwd those questions to my boyfriend.


Cassie said...

I agree with all of your pet peeves. I hate it when strangers make a "helpful" suggestion or make a comment when I am dealing with an upset kid. I really don't feel like talking to someone when dealing with a tantrum, but thanks anyways.

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Anonymous said...

not bad you only hate me 2 times out of your 10 !!!!!
from uk-girl