Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No pics but just imagine

My pumpkins never came in this year....you actually have to WATER them!

BUT....I have picked 4 gourds from my garden. They are so cute--3 different styles! And I have plenty more that are 2 inches.
Still getting plenty of cukes, tomatoes (probably should give some away...any takers?).

I can't describe how great it is for me to go out to my garden with my basket and fill it up with goodies that I cultivated. I love it.

(I am watching Ellen now...she is showing pics from her wedding! FUN!!! I love how positive and happy Ellen is.)


Soulie & Samson said...

I really like your polls. :) I think you should have one that asks if your readers are repub or demo.


Lorraine said...

ask and you shall receive; see to the right.

Sarah said...

Funny polls..... and of course I want Dan to win :) I just don't think he has the votes (maybe....)