Sunday, September 7, 2008

Holy Grail in Epping

Hi all
We went out with another couple last night (Andrew's girlfriend's parents!) to Holy Grail. It was great.
We waited 30 minutes for a table which they told us. The bar is big and plenty of seating if you want to have a drink there.
We were seated on the first floor; they have a 2nd as well which I didnt see.
The food was very good. We shared the 'special' app of onion rings which were very tasty and also fried mushrooms. The guys had sirloin tips and we gals had boiled dinner and pan seared scallops (from the app menu). I loved the scallops; also had onion soup.

We had desserts too...KJ had pb pie and I had key lime pie but I was so full that I took it home and havent eaten yet.

Definitely would go here again. You can also get 1/2 off gift certificate from this site:


jackie said...

Thanks for the review. George and I will have to give it a shot!

The Wheeler Family said...

We loved it as well!! We took the kids and they have a great kid menu. It's also very loud in there, so the kids' noise didn't make any difference. :)

Katie said...

i was wondering about this place, it looks nice.

how about the ambiance?

Mary said...

good to hear. it's so nice to have some options close to home.

Anonymous said...

i thought the place a bit loud but still really nice. upstairs is probably quieter. the downstairs has all the stained glass windows to look out of.