Monday, September 29, 2008

Desperate Housewives

Who watched it? Anyone ready to dish about it?


Korey said...

How about doing the dishes instead of dishing about DH!

Lorraine said...

what the heck is this comment!

Susan Beebe said...

Korey doesn't miss a thing does he?!?! I thought DH was good, but I find it hard to believe that Gabby would have overweight children.

Lorraine said...

I totally thought that Mike was dead and then realized he was not but it is such a sad situation. We wait so long for them to be together and now they aren't.

Gabby's kids...yikes! I cant believe she would allow them to get so pudgy either!

Wonder what Edie's husband is up to...I think he has something to do with the gay couple on the street b/c he doesnt exactly look 'hetero'!!!!

So much more to Bree's daughter taking the baby. I hope she comes back into the show and there is a reconsiliation. And looks like Bree's husband DID go to jail and that is why they are back together but that doesnt seem to be long lasting.

Love Tom bashing in his own car...I love them as a couple. Perhaps his other daughter will come back at some point and be normal!

Mary said...

I'm still LOL at Korey's comment!

Keena said...

Korey got you good:) Hahahaha

I agree with you on NOT like Mike and Susan split up. Tom kicking the mirror off was the highlight of the show. Also hoping Carlos gets his sight back...a tad unrealistic but hey, it's tv!!!