Thursday, August 21, 2008

This was the Pittsfield hot air balloon event a few weeks ago...unfortunately it rained and we didnt get to see any of the balloons! But the kids, including Korey, got to go on the train!
We are getting ready for a fun day tomorrow...the kids will see their friends in the am and then my sister is coming in the afternoon. AJ is having his bday party this weekend! He is so excited! Stay tuned for many dino pics!


Katie said...

i SO want to go to this hot air balloon festival next year
i have always wanted to see them up there...
i have to get more info on this. have u been prior to this year?
tell us more!

Katie said...

i like these polls
how bout a new one?

Keena said...

Looks like a fun train. Can't wait for Andrew's party!!

Lorraine said...

I will do a new poll tonight when I have Korey's computer again; too hard on this dog.

the hot air balloons in pittsfield is the first weekend in aug every year. i have never been before. i dont really know much more info about it b/c it didnt really happen but i hear the lighting up of the balloons at 8pm is really cool and seeing them land/take off is really neat too. i hope we can go next year. they also had helicopter rides; there were 3 of them and the line was really long. i think it was $50 a ride (like 3-5 min ride) or it could have been $50 a person but I think it was a ride. there is music, carnival food. i hear it is really busy normally.