Saturday, August 30, 2008


I took down the Tori poll this am but 66% of you said you wanted her to be on shouldn't they listen to us ;) My blog readers a force!!!

I put up another poll about McCain. In November, I am going to have a poll to pick our president and we will see if my blog picks the president that USA does. I am a dork!
And please vote for both VP polls I have now, even if you don't plan to vote for that person!


jackie said...

Very interesting of Sat afternoon both of your polls are have an equal amount of folks both happy and unhappy with each candidate's choice for VP.

LeeAnn said...

Well since I cant vote on your polls for some reason.. here goes.. Yes I am thrilled with McCains pick. I honestly havent paid much attention to the other one.. so I cant vote really for him.. Sorry...