Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

My oldest baby is 4 years old.
I remember just yesterday racing to the hospital from Manchester to home to pack to Exeter!
And when I finally got to hold my baby boy.
And when he made the 'more' sign when he turned 2 because he wanted 'more' presents!
And when my buddy kissed my belly with his baby brother inside.
And when he started saying more and more words.
And how he loves to cuddle with me.
And his first day at preschool.
We are lucky to have our Andrew James.


Keena said...

That makes me want to cry! Time goes so fast...we are lucky to have little buddies in our lives:)

Keena said...


Barbarito Family said...

Happy 4th Birthday Andrew!

Meg said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Andrew!!!

The Wheeler Family said...

Happy, happy, birthday Andrew!! I hope it was fun!

LeeAnn said...

I remember that day.. That was funny when your water broke when you were in line at Panera Bread and you told Korey to go and get you some pads at Walmart, because you had no clue what was happening.. Awww You are so cute!! Happy Birthday baby!! Ps,,, the card is in the mail shhhhh dont say anything..

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Can't wait to see the party pics.