Thursday, August 7, 2008

A bunch of things

  • 1. Carpet will be delivered on the time for my scrapfest on the 16th!
  • 2. AJ smiled for his pics today and we got some really cute ones of him in his dino shirt and with his dinos. The boys were bribed with mini-Cars.
  • 3. AJ liked his bible camp this morning and has it again tomorrow with his girlfriend! Fun! He made me the cutest vase of flowers. I will take a pic and post soon.
  • 4. Baby Luke is soooo cute that I would be happy with a baby boy too :)
  • 5. I made triple berry jam today!
  • 6. See the new poll....HAHA


The Wheeler Family said...

You are so good about the professional photos. Liam was 18 months the last time I had his done!! Time for me to head on into the Picture People...

Keena said...

Thanks Lorraine:) We think he's cute too! The pics of Andrew are should post the link to them.