Friday, July 4, 2008

Where we are...

This is the picture of the Fairmont hotel in Banff Canada where we are staying. I can't take a better pic so here is this one!
The mountains are amazing. We ate at a German restaurant last night and had cheese fondue with veggies/meat. For dessert I had creme brulee with some berry. It was so good but I was so full that I could hardly walk back to hotel.
Today Korey has work meeting in the am, I am meeting my online book buddy Syl this afternoon (we have 'known' each other for 9 years now...but never met). Then tonight we have a reception. Luckily we got here yesterday on time even after a sprint to next connection; unfortunately some of the Boston flights were cancelled so those folks got here at 3am, no luggage, etc! yikes!


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Keena said...

Wow! What a gorgeous place! How's the weather there? What other fun plans do you have?

Happy 4th!!!