Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gardens and Boys Growing

So fun--I have green tomatoes, a bunch of peapods growing into peas and one yellow zucchini (it's different than yellow squash I was told) that is ready to eat any day now! I love it! And we have already had our lettuce 2x and it keeps growing.

I also love my boys getting a bit older and independent. Right now as I type, they are playing in the baby pool and on the swingset by themselves. Well, I mean I am on the porch with computer (thanks, Korey, love this wireless inet!) but they don't need me to keep them entertained. I love hearing them talk to each other and make up games (pirates is an all time favorite around here).

So I I want another baby or not??? HMMM.....


Meg said...

And? Have you made a decision yet?

Cassie said...

It's great when the boys can play independently. That free time disappears with a baby.