Wednesday, June 25, 2008

UHU review

I received some goodies from UHU in the mail today and I wanted to show off what I did with them.

I used the UHU Twist and Glue to adhere the wooden star onto the paper and also used it to stick the glitter onto the star. For those, it worked great; it's a liquid glue that has an easy applicator top.

I also used it for adhering the paper to card/paper. Normally I would use a gluestick or non-liquid adhesive but wanted to continue to try this glue out. It did work okay. I glued about 1/2 inch into the paper so it wouldn't seep out.

The only thing that it did not work for was adhering the ribbon onto the paper/card. For this I ended up using a stapler but think a UHU gluestick or other non-liquid adhesive would have worked.

Thanks, UHU! I would definitely look for you in the store!


berto xxx said...

nice blog isnt it?

berto xxx

amitchell said...

Thanks for the great review Lorraine. Love how you used our bonus gifts too! They are beautiful and I'm so happy you like the glue and that it worked for you.


Keena said...

Your stuff looks great. I'll have to check out the new glue...