Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just call me Erma

I just got done watering my garden....I finally used my brain and put the sprinkler in between the two garden beds and let her rip!

And then I filled my water bucket with dirty water from the kids' pool and used that to water my flowers, pumpkins, plants. Aren't I environmentally and economically savvy?

Since I won't be using cloth diapers EVER (sorry, Cassie and Sarah!), this is my way to give back. ha!

That's right...call me Erma, as in Erma the Environmentalist!


Cassie said...

Good job, Erma!

Jro said...

Really - I thought Nottingham was sitting on the largest quifier in the state? I thought by now you'd be bottling the stuff and selling it at the end of the street.

LeeAnn said...

If you really want to help the environment, you can take the hose from the back of your washer and put it going into a large trashcan and use that to water your plants. I had an ex boyfriend do that for his garden. It didnt matter with the washing detergent. It was diluted with the amount of water. Very smart actually..

The Snows said...

Pumpkins! I am so impressed you are growing those. We tried one year but put them in a spot with bad soil, no sun and no room so it was a disaster!