Sunday, June 22, 2008

Time to Pick!

It's that time of year, folks!
Strawberry picking....strawberry jam...strawberry shortcakes!
We went picking for the first time today (pretend there is a picture here of Korey holding 3 containers of berries!) and I am busy making my 2nd batch of jam. I think I will also freeze some to make a triple berry jam (black, straw and rasp) for the first time. My mom was a huge jam maker and I remember the four of us kids picking berries with her.
Do you like to pick berries and what do you do with them? Or is the grocery store where you do your picking?


Cassie said...

I miss berry picking with you and the kids! I made strawberry jam this year from the strawberry stand down the street. No place to pick berries here :(

Meg said...

There just isn't anywhere where we can pick berries around here, so it's to the local Kroger to pick mine! The really sad thing is, I never get any!! The kids inhale them almost before they're put away!!

Sommer said...

We are picking on Friday...They jam making will begin over the weekend....Can't wait for the Fall for rasberries though. I LOVE rasberry jam the best!