Sunday, June 1, 2008

Can you donate???

I am posting this from my friend and fellow blogger Katie Betts-Levine. Katie and her 4 sisters (and a brother) lost their brother last year. The sisters all have blogs that are listed on mine....Shaughnessy's, Betts-Levine's, Lyle's, Coughlin's and Maxwell's....
Any donation would be great...$1,$5, $10!!! Please check out Katie's blog for her is very touching.

Hello Family and Friends,
On June 22nd, I have decided to participate in the NSMC Cancer Walk. I am captain of Team Hungry for Life, a team created in honor of my brother Dennis Rich. Many of you know that Dennis lost his battle to sarcoma in October of 2007. He left behind a wife and three young daughters.
Two years ago when Dennis was battling cancer, we participated in the walk and we did it together as a family. This year he will be greatly missed. Attached is a photo of my family at the event in 2006. Would you consider sponsoring me for this inspiring event? Proceeds from the NSMC Cancer Walk benefit oncology services. The dollars stay local and enable the NSMC to offer state-of-the-art cancer care.You can read more about Dennis' story on the Hungry For Life website,
You can make a donation by visiting our team page,

Thanks in advance…



Kelli said...

Thank you so much Lorraine! There are so many good people out there and you certainly are one of them!
It means alot to me and my family~thanks!

Mary said...

Thanks Lorraine!

Katie said...

here here
thanks for giving me the spotlight!

Katie said...

thanks for the donation too!

Mary said...

Lorraine, I saw on my brother's site that someone from your blog donated to the NSMC walk. Thanks to you and your friend!