Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Irritations of the Day....

1. Why do people think it's okay to let their dog roam free, pissing all over MY lawn and getting MY dog who IS leashed all riled up?

2. Why aren't the computer people at Comcast savvy enough to know that it was just a button on MY laptop that was making the inet not work....they had me try all sorts of things that didn't work and then Korey made it work again.

3. Why do the Comcast folks make me unplug things which cause the PHONE to disconnect, making me call them back 3x (for help that come to find out I didn't need anyway!)

4. Real funny cousin I have writing comments like 'stay green and peachy keen' a few days ago, getting ME all riled up. oh boy, wait till she gets hers!

Not Irritations:
Clark Color has free shipping
my Easter pics will be up later....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

#1 bugs me more than anything!

i hate that!