Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy, Happy

Happy Birthday to my cute 2 year old!
Pictures will come soon!

We had a fun party today!
And we went to a NYA fundraising supper...I won a basket of chocolate and I bid against UK-Girl and won Pampered Chef goodies.

Hmm, I wonder where Mary was tonight...Billy must have already made his large check out to NYA, right???....


Anonymous said...

OH MY Goodness.. you have a 2 yr old. Some mother you are by not having any pictures of your little one on here of his birthday party. By the way.....I had a chaperone at the beach you heffer. hahahahahahahahahaha She came and visited us once and called us everyday. Thank you very much!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday, Patrick!

Anonymous said...

you won the basket because i let you

Meg said...

Happy Birthday Patrick!!

Well, mom, where are his party pics? You HAVE to have something to blackmail him with!!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Patrick!

I was in North Conway all weekend.