Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Recap...pics later!

Today's Christmas and I am NOT as good as the crazed luny Mary who already has 3000 pictures of her kids opening presents from this morning nor am I as good as Cassie who made cookies with her son for Santa...Santa got leftover cookie swap cookies!

But today the kids loved the presents; AJ more than PAF who liked playing w the wires of AJ's toy more than he liked opening presents. AJ had a pouty face when there was no more presents. he said his favorite present was the race track for his Cars. we got him also the Smart Cycle but I think he doesnt know how to use it enough yet; thought he would love it. PAF liked his sit and spin!

Korey surprised me today with a laptop that is wireless so as he says 'I can play on the computer while watching the kids!' Korey liked his calendar that i made him (with pics of the kids) and also the great 3 pic frame I got him w the kids pics from picture people.

I will post some pics tomorrow AFTER I shop till I drop....or run out of money...which will come first?


Cassie said...

Sounds like everyone had a great Christmas! Now you can blog all day with your new laptop.

Anonymous said...

not everyone can be as good as me!haha! i don't know how or why but i did three days of blogging at once...

good gift korey, i can't believe you are going shopping tomorrow! you are the looney one!

madgav said...

And I thought you were already on top of replying to emails. YIKES! Looking forward to many more now with your new laptop. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. We will have to get together in the new year.