Thursday, November 22, 2007

Introducing Rex-y

Rex-y is Andrew's new friend. He came to live with us at 10pm on Tuesday night when we couldn't find the binky and Andrew wouldn't go to bed. But Rex-y made things all better. Andrew takes care of Rex-y and gives him food, shows him the potty and plays with him. Fun.

Who knew that dinosaurs used the potty!
Ohhh, Rex-y and AJ napping....
Just kidding...Andrew was pretending!
Have a great Turkey Day and enjoy the 3 posts in one day!


Katie said...

hey...I have a Rex-y that I love too!!!

The Shaughnessy Tribe said...

Very cute Andrew, how is the potty training going?

Cassie said...

A great alternative to a binky; just don't lose him or you'll be in trouble!