Monday, October 22, 2007

My 2nd encounter with Wildlife

Saturday night, around 3am, Abby was making a bunch of noise. Korey was going to take her out to tinkle but I was being nice (I thought it was Monday am, folks, and he had to get up to work, otherwise, he would have been getting out of bed!) so I went downstairs to get Abby.

Normally I would have just opened the door and let her go outside with no leash but I figured I would leash her. Thank God I did. I opened the door and she bolted down the steps.

Immediately I saw a SKUNK that was as big as Abby! I yanked her back inside as I screamed, 'INSIDE.' In the commotion of trying to get back in the house ASAP, I caught Abby's tail in the door and she yelped.

After all this yelping and screaming, Patrick woke up....and he was up for the next three hours. No exageration. However, by now I realized it was Sunday am and let Korey take care of the 'baby'!

(Sidenote: we must have a lot of those grubs right now b/c the skunk was digging away at our front lawn...I have never seen that before)


LeeAnn said...

Wow. You get em' you Grub Killer!

Meg said...

Oh no!! Nobody wound up getting attacked by the skunk, did they? How big is Abby?
Are you all recovered from your skunk incident now??

The Shaughnessy Tribe said...

you are a nut! poor abby!

didn't you have a grub problem last year? i didn't know skunks ate grubs???