Wednesday, October 17, 2007


We have been the lucky recipients of many phone calls lately...5 as of late from the 'Health and Human Services' doing a survey about kids or something. I dont mind a quick 1 or 2 question survey...and Korey will put up with even more...however when I ask them how long this is, they say TWENTY MINUTES....I even got a sheet in the mail saying we were 'randomly chosen' for this and we can do the survey in a few phone conversations.

Are you off your bloody rocker?!?!?! And the best part is....THEY SAID THEY CANT TAKE ME OFF THE LIST!!!

I got another one tonight from some political group...I thought this is probably a 'who are you going to vote for, thanks', it was 25 minutes! I laughed out loud to the guy...he must have heard that response a lot.

My new response might be: CLICK.

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The Shaughnessy Tribe said...

I get them too!!! Funny story, a few weeks ago I entered a contest for a physcic reading with John Edward. So, anyway, yesterday I get a phone call and the caller ID says JOHN EDWARD CO! I was so excited and was like OMG I won. Anyway, I say hello and it was a damn telemarketer for the John Edwards campaign! I was so dissapointed I just hung up!