Thursday, October 18, 2007

Andrew's First Field Trip...

Andrew had his first field trip today to Emery Farm...Patrick and I got to tag along. We got to pick out pumpkins, eat cookies and go on a hayride.
Here are me, the kids, Justine and Mia (one of Patrick's girlfriends!)

That Patrick likes a lady that pick out a pumpkin!
From the left: Mary's kids--Brooke (Patrick's other girlfriend!), Erin, Mollie (Andrew's girl), Mia, Patrick and Andrew....COOKIE TIME!
Look at Patrick's tongue!
Open Wide...Insert Cookie
Check out for more pics later...I beat Mary getting pics up!


The Shaughnessy Tribe said...

LOL! I was thinking damn she is quick!

Love your pics! it was fun!

Anonymous said...

Get my kids off of your Blog!

Anonymous said...

checked you both out crazy blog people mary had her pumpkin's carved already the race is on justine

Anonymous said...

okay the boy's are cute but my girl's look like america's next top model or uk's take your pick..

Katie said...

these pics are way cute!!!

Cassie said...

Who needs a pumpkin when there are cookies?!