Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just call me a Couch Tater

Oh Boy! I am so excited with all the tv that is new now! Dancing with the Stars...who are you rooting for? I am watching it right now so I will be back later with an update but I am so excited that Jennie Garth is on! And my 2nd favorite is Marie Osmond. UPDATE: the Cheetah chick was awesome!!!!!!!

I watched How I Met Your Mother last night...love the guest stars on it...Mandy Moore all tattooed up and trashy. Very funny. Korey is excited about 2 and 1/2 Men and that show after it with David Spade.

Thursday will be Ugly Betty!! the DVR is working overtime because I have been taping Larry King Live every night. I love his guests. I never watched him before but he seems to get great folks....Reba last night, Kathy Griffin, Joy Behar... fun folks I think. But I have so many being taped that some shows are being bumped. ha! I need a DVR that will record THREE shows!

This week we are going out for our anniversary to Margarita's and then again in a few weeks compliments of Korey's work to Wentworth by the Sea....if you have to W, let me know what you thoughts!

AJ has been doing great on potty. I am so proud of him...I was telling him that today and he promptly said 'I am potty trained'....so cute! Also another funny one today...I asked him what Abby was (since he was telling her she wasn't a duck)...Andrew said: SHE'S A MUTTFACE! I guess someone has been listening to Daddy!

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Cassie said...

It's nice of Korey's work to pay for dinner. Happy Anniversary!