Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things I Learned While in Missouri....

I am back from my trip to MO and I thought I would post 'The Things I Learned While I Was There....'

**Hobby Lobby stinks--long lines, not a lot of fun scrapping stuff

**Archivers Scrapping Store is way fun and even T-Boy picked out scrapping stuff--that was soooo cute!

**The T-Boy method of tipping: anything that is 'way more than 10%' is acceptable for a buffet (see his blog for more on this)...

**Sonic has tasty frappes, onion rings, mozzerella sticks and ice cream with butterfinger pieces

**T-Boy and Q dont cook anything at any time (well except for those tasty muffins once!)

**A 'city' can consist of 592 people

**Hillbillies live everywhere (haha but the one I met WAS really nice!!)

**2nd graders make a cute bulletin board

**Scrapping with Q is fun and I can't wait to see her new pages that she does without me there!

**There are very very strange bugs that make a lot of noise, live in trees and then leave behind a skeleton. Frankly I think they are going to take over the world and they are just biding their time for now....

**Q and T-Boy need to move back here or plan a visit...it was soooo much fun seeing them and it was just like we had seen each other last week instead of a year and a half ago (or longer...)

**When Andrew ran to me in the airport, it was exactly the way I pictured it would be :) It was great coming home and seeing Korey and Patrick and Andrew :) And even ABby was excited to see me!

Pictures to come...


LeeAnn said...

awww I teared up when I read your part about AJ running to you in the airport. you may need to add Tom to my favs list. ok Ill talk to you later.

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!

Tom Beebe said...

wow, you were kinder then I thought...yes we too enjoyed the trip and look forward to seeing the k-dog and little Ferland's!

Dianna said...

Glad you had such a great time. I wish I had gotten to meet up with you!! You were soooo close.


I hate myself sometimes.

(Love you anyway!)

Susan Beebe said...

You are too funny! We had a great time with you here too! By the way, we actually CAN cook, we just choose not too! :-) LOVED the comments about the locusts! Thanks for visiting our little city. Love you!