Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2 in one day...

I don't know if you have heard...and if you haven't, what rock are you under...but I have a 'Lorraine weekend' coming up....I am going to see my friends T-Boy and Q (their aliases) in MO. I am very excited to see them but also...have a 3.5 day vacation from my favorite boys (all three!). But this means I wont be blogging much or at all while I am there... so enjoy the 2 posts today!
Let's hope that MY flights aren't as bad as LeeAnn's (see her blog--first one listed on my site).
When I get home on Tuesday we are going to the Aquarium in Boston and then Wed. is Andrew's 3rd birthday! His special day includes...a hair cut. oh boy! But he has to look his best for his bday party!
Enjoy the 2 pics of the boys...Andrew's was taken a couple days ago and Patrick's was smiles however I thought he looked so dang cute in his brother's shirt....
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